Hyper-accretion April 7-11, 2014

Kavli Institute for the Physics and  Mathematics of the Universe

Images courtesy of Ken Nagamine

(see Barai, Proga & Nagamine, MNRAS 2012, 424, 728)

Accretion, at rates substantially in excess of

the Eddington limit, is implicated in tidal

disruption events, gamma-ray bursts, some

X-ray binaries and supermassive black hole

formation. Despite this ubiquity, the physical

principles that govern hyper-accretion remain

to be determined. Recent advances in

numerical radiation hydrodynamics, along

with observations of the time-dependence

of hyper-accreting flows following tidal disruptions, offer new opportunities to make progress. The workshop is intended to facilitate interaction between observers and theorists working on hyper-accretion in different astrophysical systems, and to identify new directions for future research.